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Bright Sparks is all set to go for 2019, with key dates set and the competition organised. The Skills Organisation is the primary sponsor this year. With nothing to sell and no agenda to fulfil, apart from the recognition and reward of young talent, this is now a truly independent initiative. Bright Sparks is also non-partisan and supports all related initiatives and competitions.

The projects that have been entered over the years are very diverse and range across many contexts.

The common factor the experienced industry judges are primed to look for is creativity. Look here to see many of the projects that have been finalists over the years to get an idea of the range of ideas.

Any project your students are working on that involves some programming and/or electronics in any context is eligible for entry. Pure software projects are absolutely fine... Students are encouraged to seek mentoring and one source of this is the Bright Sparks Forum on the website.

All that is required for a basic entry is a 5-6 minute video in which the student presents themselves and gives a snapshot of their project. 

Bright Sparks has been going for over 20 years and alumni are all over the world. Here are a very few snapshots. Bright Sparks keep track of and communicate with many more.

If you want some inspiring posters for your wall, here are the latest downloadable pdfs. If you would like hard copies I can post you a set, no charge.