This will be held March 4 to 15 this year. 

Major difference...... this year, each school will be charged $50 rather than a fee per student. I'm trying to make this a low barrier to entering students so we can hold our head up compared to the 50 odd other countries that sit it.

You need to start by registering on as a school coordinator.

There is an "information" site for NZ at  (Bebras is the Lithuanian for a beaver... teenage boy jokes not welcomed!) 

I am attaching a beautiful coloured annotated step by step guide to setting yourself and students up. Don't leave it til March the 4th! This tells you how to set up "generic" student accounts. ( If you want them to have their own user names, then you can upload a student list using the coordinators instructions on the website  - more work!) 

There is a new practice problem set on the site - its the 2017 challenge and students do not need an account to try it out. They can do it any time and I will get all my classes to sit the practice the week before so that we can talk through the types of problems, how its scored etc. 

On the day you choose to sit the real challenge: Ask the students to go to Check if everybody understands how to log in with the received ID and password. Then start the challenge. The system will tell the student how much time they have left. Everybody has 45 minutes, from the moment that they start.