91070-91081 NCEA Level One Standards - Expired

91070-91081 Have now expired and no longer available on the NCEA Qualifications.

Please make sure that you have updated your markbooks and associated documents of this change.

New Level One Standards are have been trialled and available through the NCEA Qualifications.

91877    Develop a proposal for a digital outcome    
91878    Develop a design for a digital outcome
91879    Develop a digital outcome to manage data
91880    Develop a digital media outcome
91881    Develop an electronics outcome
91882    Develop a computer system
91883    Develop a computer program
91884    Use basic iterative processes to develop a digital outcome
91885    Demonstrate understanding of searching and sorting algorithms
91886    Demonstrate understanding of human computer interaction
91887    Demonstrate understanding of compression coding for a chosen media type