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POET is an initiative to be able to understand and develop an understanding about DTHM resources and where they fit with the technological areas progress outcome statements. There is a lot of resources coming out at the moment, some great, some not so great. We want you to be able to look at a resource picked from a selection (based on the year levels you selected), and tell us where you think this resource best fits the progress outcomes, or not at all.

Based upon the submissions, POET will give us a better idea where resources will fit within the Digital Technologies curriculum content, and any gaps in knowledge or resources that need to be filled. We aim to publish our findings through POET once enough data is collected. POET also provides a way for teachers to be able to understand or develop an understanding of where the resources fit.

As this is just the beginning, we don't have the answers yet, you are helping us to get to these answers.


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Through this, we have selected a bunch of examples that we want to test to see where they fall.

These are based on different year levels, however, some of the resources may not fit within those years level.

When you hover over the radio buttons, the Progress Outcomes show, as well the Progress Outcomes are listed at the bottom in full.

Can you help us crowdsource where these resources fit?