The Assessment Specifications have been released for 2020 for the DCATS


There are some major changes to the computer science ones that need to be considered for your planning for 2020. 

No word on dates yet.


In summary

Computer science, there are specific areas that are to be assessed, 

For level 2, there will be a question on mechanisms, and one on impact, see links or pdf for more details.

For level one, compression, a resource sheet will be provided. 


In the reflective report, specific implications will need to be covered.

For Level two, decisions about the development process will need to be covered.


Assessment Specifications

Level One

Level Two

Level Three


Exemplars from the 2019 papers will be provided in Term 1 2020.

Administration instructions will be published on the subject page at the end of Term 2 each year. Detailed explanations of processes are provided in the administration instructions.