The team at Auckland University have been working hard on four more modules to support the new DT&HM curriculum and level 2 standards. Details are release dates are as follows:


91898 – Demonstrate understanding of a Computer Science Concept. Available 28 February.

91899 – Present a summary of developing a digital outcome. Available 31 March.

91890 – Conduct an inquiry to propose a digital technology outcome. Available 11 May.

91898 – Use advanced processes to develop a digital technologies outcome. Available 29 May.

Another team of experience DT teachers have also worked hard on a collection of teaching and learning programmes that use the level 2 standards. We are putting the finishing touches on these programmes and will have them up by the end of the month.

Visit TKI to find out more and access the new resources when they are available. I will update again as resources are published.