Digital Technologies Teachers Aotearoa are looking at piloting a national Digital Technologies Lending Library as part of our Network of Expertise project. This means that New Zealand schools will be able to freely hire* equipment and resources for classroom activities.

We are looking at using the characteristics from the Kia Takatu a Mātihiko - Digital Readiness program, be like Maui, curious, a bit of a risk taker, adaptable, playful… as the principles for this project.

We want to know what our New Zealand education community thinks, as this will be your library. Do you have any recommendations (or wish-list items) for us to consider in our lending library? Have your say! 

This technology will support learning in the Digital Technologies Stands as part of the Revised Technology Learning Area 2017.

Please create a NEW submission for each individual technology suggestion, as we would like to curate and review your suggestions to guide resource development. 

You are welcome to submit more than one response. Your submissions are anonymous and will only be used for resource development by DTTA. 

DTTA: Be Like Maui Survey