NZQA Best Practice Workshops – Assessment and Moderation

In 2019, Assessment and Moderation will be building on the success of the ‘On Request’ workshop model and the Transforming Assessment Praxis (TAP) online workshop. 

We will again be offering Subject Associations and regional cluster groups the opportunity to request a workshop, which can be online or face-to-face to suit the needs identified. 

Additionally, the TAP workshop will now be available all year with four instances scheduled to allow assessors flexibility in what works best for them.

All assessor support options appear on the Best Practice Workshops page on the NZQA website. They include the following options:

  1. Workshop or presentation slot (online or face-to-face) – aimed at offering targeted assessment support;
  2. Cluster meeting – (online or face-to-face) offering a region the opportunity for targeted assessor support across a range of subjects;
  3. Making Assessor Judgements Workshops (online or face-to-face) – aimed at raising assessor confidence in making judgements at the national standard; and
  4. Transforming Assessment Praxis (TAP) workshop (online, scheduled) – aimed at changing assessment resources to better meet the needs of students and exploring different ways of collecting student evidence.

More information about these options may be found on the Best Practice Workshops page, including how to register for the TAP workshops. These pages also include an A3 poster which may be used for display purposes.

If you have any questions, please contact